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About Meryem Kennedy

My Second Language 

Just like you, I learned English as a foreign language in Turkey, where I grew up. I understand your struggles and I can help you overcome them. We can work together so that you will reach your goals with confidence and ease. Let me be your guide on your journey towards mastering English.

I am Qualified to Teach You

I have three university degrees: English, Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Thanks to my extensive studies, I can teach anyone English. It is my passion and why I have made it my life's work. Join me on this quest and I can make learning English fun and enjoyable.

I Have the Experience

I have been an English teacher for over 24 years. I have taught at high schools, universities and language institutions, in addition to private tutoring. I have met many students from all over the world. I understand your specific needs and I can assist you in reaching your goals. Take this next step and I will be here to help.

How do I help you?

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